Wooden One-octave Organ

For Young Technologists


Have you ever wondered if there is a link between science and the arts?
Or ... what possible connection could there be between the kitchen sink and an organ?

The WOOFYT Project will answer these and many other questions.

The WOOFYT is an inspired and original project bridging the gap between the Arts and Sciences. Apart from teaching about the different components of an organ and some of the basic science behind the "king of instruments", the WOOFYT project also encourages team work, interaction, social skills language and artistic skills along with the ability to communicate ideas whilst experimenting with every day materials.

This cross-curriculum project encompasses both numeracy and literacy whilst offering an opportunity to explore ideas beyond the confines of the normal school curriculum. But above all it is a fun way to uncover some of the mysteries that lie behind the front display pipes of an organ.

The session will involve :

· Musical games for listening, self-confidence, co-ordination and rhythm.

· Science and technology (Exploration of the use of air molecules, non-return valves, vibration ...)

· Preliminary introduction to four main elements of WOOFYT:

  • Air pump (One-way valve, converting energy)
  • Air reservoir bag (team work, controlling air pressure, manometer)
  • Pipe boxes (opening/closing valves)
  • Pipes (pitch)

· Hands-on Experiment with all four elements (see above)

  • Create sounds
  • Learn a melody

Our visit from the WOOFYT has been made possible by a
grant from the Institute of Physics (IOP)