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In June 2018 the third Network CB23 Inter School Spelling Bee took place at Clare College Cambridge.  The venue was certainly inspiring as the room where the compettion took place afforded a fantastic view of the University of Cambridge Library.

Seven primary schools each entered a team of 4, with one pupil from each Key Stage 2 year group.  Many of the schools had held in school competitions to find the best spellers from each year group to represent the school in the Final.

The pupils took part in a range of rounds, some where they worked as a team and some competiting as individuals.

  • Round 1: Words in a Word, working as a team they had to make as many words as possible from the letters of single long word (like Constantinople)
  • Round 2: Countdown, much like the TV show, a random selection of consonants and vowels were chosen, the pupils then had to make the longest word possible from those letters. The letter selection was extremely challenging
  • Round 3: Individual Spelling, One Year group at a time the pupils took turns correctly spelling a selection of words from the Spelling Bee wordlist.  These lists were availabe to the pupils prior to the final.
  • Round 4: Anagrams: The pupils worked as a team to solve a list of anagrams.
  • Round 5: Ultimate Spellings: One pupil from each school competed on behalf of their school in this knockout round.  Each pupil took turns to spell unseen words from the American Spelling Bee word list, if they spelt the word correctly they stayed in for the next round.  The final two competitor from Hardwick and Cambourne Primary and Barnabas Oley CE Primary managed to spell words that very few adults in the room could even begin figure out how to spell! 
  • Round 6: Definitions Again working as a team, the pupils were provided with a dictionary defination, they needed to figure out the correct word and spell it correctly.

The pupils earned points for their school in each round and the results were very close.  The final result was:

1st: Caldecote Primary School

2nd Hardwick and Cambourne Community Primary School

Joint 3rd: Barnabas Oley CE Primary and Haslingfield Endowed Primary

Congratulations to all the teams.