The CB23 Orchestra - Introductionmusic score

The Orchestra has been running since 2011 and has been run roughly once a term since then. It is led by members of staff who teach music at Bourn Primary Academy, it brings together pupils from across the schools to play for two hours on a Saturday morning. The aim is to expand the musical repertoire and playing confidence of all the pupils' and in particular allow the primary pupils the chance to meet with Cambourne VC and Comberton VC pupils in a musical setting.

A range of different musical intruments are played at the Orchestra, the mix is dependent on which pupils are attending.  Great care is taken in choosing music that is appropriate to the instruments and ability of the pupils attending to ensure that everyone has a fun morning.  All the musical scores are prepared in advance for the specfic instruments and these are provided on the day.

What Instruments can be part of the Orchestra?wrdcldinstruments2

In the academic year 2017-18 a wide range of instrument were played at the workshops. 

In fact the only instrument which is not eligible is the guitar.

The only requirement is that the pupil can read music and play at equivalent to Grade 1 (no exam necessary).  For keyboard the minimum level is Grade 3.

Types of Music Played

Many different music styles are played during the workshops, from Folk to Pop, Classical to TV and Film Themes so there will be something for everyone.  Many of the pupils already play in group s within their own schools and this is a chance for them to expand their musical repetoire and enjoy playing a range of different music with different people.

This is a just a small selection of the pieces which the Orchestra has played in the last few years.

Pop: Money, Money, Money; Rock around the Clock; Run; The Sound of Silence; Dancing Queen; Eviva Espana; La Bamba.

Classical: Morning from the Peer Gynt Suite; Largo from the New World Symphony; Radestky March; Symphony No. 40; Toy Symphony; Waltz from Swan Lake; Blue Danube; Jupiter from The Planets; Funiculi Funicular.

Film/ TV Themes: Neighbours; Star Wars; Wallace and Gromit; Annie's Song; The Bare Necessities; Bright Eyes; Chariots of Fire; James Bond theme.

Folk/ Traditional: Minca Minca; Summer is icumen in; Sur le pont; Havah Nagilah.


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