Public Speaking Competition Grand Final 2019

Peterhouse College Cambridge once again hosted the Grand Final of the Network CB23 Public Speaking Competition.  The standard of speeches delivered by the pupils was phenomenal.  The four judges from Peterhouse College had an extremely hard job chosing the winners.

Each school brought along a team of 4, two pupils from years 3/4 and two pupils from years 5/6.  All the pupils had the same speech title  “If I were in charge, a new rule I would make would be…….”, the year 3/4 pupils spoke for 1.5 minutes and the year 5/6 pupils for 2 minutes.

The topics of their speeches included: banning all socks, banning all plastics, no more boring items on the TV News, ban gender specific clothes and food, every child every day should do a good deed, stop all bullying, reduce school to 2 days a week, make the curriculum more active and outdoors based and move Christmas to the 24th December so that it is the same day as Shreks Birthday!

Many pupils were supported on the day by their relatives and family friends and everyone had a fantastic afternoon.

Prizes were awarded in each category for Best and Runner Up, as well as a Trophy for the best overall school peformance.

The Results

Years 3 and 4

Best Speaker: Eilidh, Hardwick and Cambourne Primary, who spoke very passionately about DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read)

Runner Up: William, Caldecote Primary, who would ban all plastics and tax their use if he was in charge (and have 2 more weeks holiday at Christmas)

Year 5 and 6

Best Speaker: Farrah, Haslingfield Endowed Primary, who would ensure that all schools had processes in place to ensure pupils had emotional support.

Runner Up: Declan, Jeavons Wood Primary, who would reduce the voting age if he was in charge as he felt that children have just as much awareness as adults.

Best Overall School Performance:

Monkfield Park Primary