From 2017 the Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Group has split into two groups; the first containing Cambourne Village College and it's feeder schools, the second containing Comberton Village College and it's feeder schools.   

The MFL Groups aim to build continuity and progression in Spanish from Y3 to Y7 by building teacher confidence, ensuring pupil interest and enjoyment, and tracking pupil progress. In 2017-18 the group will meet termly in the second half of each term but will also have optional CPD meetings in the first half of each term.

At the main meetings, the groups will share teaching ideas, review schemes of work and discuss pupil progress, but also look at specific challenges such as how to adapt schemes of work to support mixed year group teaching. Ideas for CPD for the year include; using ICT in lessons, finding and developing an international link, and applying for the International Schools Award.