Network cb23 is a community of 15 schools comprising thirteen primary schools and two secondary schools within the southwest Cambridge area. Founded in 2009 (and originally called Network 11) it is an equal partnership of strong and diverse schools. The schools work closely together, but each school in the Network retains its unique provision of education.

Network cb23 is founded on a:

  • a commitment to school improvement
  • a willingness to share ideas and issues, and learn from each other in a spirit of mutual trust, respect and support
  • a commitment to challenge and innovation
  • a belief in our autonomy to create local solutions

Core Principles

To provide:

  1. High quality educational provision for all pupils. This will require high standards of teaching and learning that lead to high levels of student aspiration and achievement.
  2. Educational provision for students of all abilities and needs. This means excellent opportunities for all types of learners, including those with identified special educational needs and identified as gifted and talented.
  3. A model of schooling that sees our schools at the heart of our communities. In addition, we are committed to developing our pupils’ understanding of others and their communities.
  4. A model of schooling that is outward-looking. The partnership is committed to working positively with each other for the benefit of all of the children.